Why Do I Blog?

Today’s entry will be brief. In keeping with the #BlogLikeCrazy, I am writing why I choose to blog today. I am writing on here because I feel that I have something to say. It is my own place to find encouragement, to voice my thoughts, and keep up with interesting tidbits I find along my journey to a healthier me. I want to let others see what it is like for a normal everyday person who is trying to lose weight find a new lifestyle with Paleo.

I also hope to one day be able to post my own recipes for others to enjoy. I hope to find new and exciting ways to enjoy foods that were once off limits or did not have tasty alternatives, and find ideas that will be yummy to others.

I want to not only find encouragement on here, but I want to provide it as well. By showing my own trip down the road of Paleo eating, I want to show others that they can do it too. If this Southern girl who loves her deep fried, covered in gravy, cream of mushroom/chicken/celery life can change her ways, than anyone can.

That is why I a blog.


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