How Do I Blog?

I almost missed today’s daily blog. For this topic, I will discuss how I blog. For me, the writing process is simple. I feel like I am talking with an old friend. I like to start out with a little about my day or weekend. A story that I find funny perhaps, and then get into the meat of my discussion. For this blog, that is usually recipes, ideas for new recipes, books that I have found that are helpful, etc. I like to include pictures of the things I am making and of the final result.

I am a natural talker. It comes with my genes. My whole family are talkers, so for me discussing things here is not difficult to do. Sometimes I may ramble, other times I may have a moment of wisdom. But, it is all fun and exciting.

So there it is, short and sweet. Not rocket science. I just think that I am talking with friends, and I try and discuss things that we could talk about every day.


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