Hi, guys! I know it has been a long time. Man, has things been crazy here. My family went on a huge vacation to DC and Philadelphia, summer came and went, I changed job locations, etc. It has just been nonstop lately.

My weight loss journey seemed to be at a standstill, but suddenly I was able to lose about 10 lbs. I think it was because I was able to change my eating habits. When I changed jobs, I changed the way I ate. It helped! Then I got some good news!

I tried to get approved for weight loss surgery back in 2015, and was told I was not approved until 2017. I went ahead and got ready for 2017 by getting my things in order:  going to a support group meeting, have another doctor’s consent letter sent in, weight records sent in to the doctor, etc. I did this in October, the 24th to be exact. That is when they told me that I could have had it done “as of yesterday.” What?!! Had I know that, I would have had everything done a lot sooner! Everything from then on moved quickly. I got a surgery date, date for when to begin my liquids diet, date for the nutritionist visit, discussion of pre-op, etc. I know that a lot of people might be scared, but I am so excited. I cannot wait. My doctor is Dr. Leslie Miles at Alabama Weight Loss Surgery through St. Vincent’s East in Birmingham, AL. He is very strict, and I like that. He makes me more nervous than anything.

In October I went to my first ever support group meeting. It was amazing! I was able to try the supplements that I will be drinking for the first few months of my surgery, and before, on the liquid diet. My favorite was the Matrix Peanut Butter Cookie (which is like a milkshake). I wanted to try the Chocolate Mint which was supposed to taste like a Thin Mint. They did not have it prepared to try, but I am not sure why. We were the ideal audience to want to taste that! We also got to try Nectar. You can put it in water and drink it like Crystal Light, or get the tasteless and mix it in soups and things. I tried every single one, and I thought the tasteless tasted the best. My mom was kind enough to pick up some PB and Vanilla Matrix powder, and some tasteless Nectar. Mom came back laughing because she said the reason the tasteless was the best was because it was mixed with Crystal Light. Haha! So funny. Later, I bought some Mint Chocolate online, and it does taste like a Thin Mint! It even has little “cookie bits” that you drink.

The meeting was very informative, although I felt bad for the leader because people would not turn off their phones, so disrespectful. They kept going off the entire time. I got a lot of good and useful info, and heard so many good testimonies. I cannot wait to be part of the group telling my own testimony.

I will be having the sleeve procedure done on December 6, 2016. I start my liquid diet on November 29th, have my nutrition visit on the 30th, and a meeting out of town on the 1st. I will have to pack two days worth of liquids in advance. This should be interesting. I got this great idea to use the baby powder formula holders for my protein powder. I got two, one for each day. I plan on using those, finding my almond milk ahead of time, packing my liquid approved foods in a cooler, and hope for the best. My sister and I laughed because of some of the items on the liquid diet like Jell-O and pudding. Those are not liquids! Then there is the clear liquids diet the day before the surgery which lets you have plain, black coffee… uh… not a clear liquid, my friend. Now, do not get all technical on me and explain why this is a clear liquid, or what those are considered a liquids at all. I am just having fun here.

People ask me if I am scared about my surgery, if I am nervous and/or anxious, what I am thinking. I am mostly just excited! I cannot wait! I am ready for my life to begin again and for me to be able to look on the outside how I feel on the inside. I am also ready to be on the “Losers Bench,” and lose those pounds!

I will be sure to post pictures along the way. My mom has agreed to be my photographer, so we will be lucky if my head is in the photos… just kidding, mom! I will try and post one each week. I have already been told to weigh every other day, so I will be sure to post my losses. I will also be sure to post my non scale victories (NSV). For example, there are shoes that I want to get back into. I have a pair of Lucky Boots I have not been able to wear in three years that I cannot wait to wear again. I also have a pair of Frye Boots that are waiting for me at home that I want to get on my feet with a cute little sundress.

Sorry to go on and on. I will wrap this up. In the next post I will discuss the awesome Bluetooth scales that I have ordered from amazon. Cannot wait to try them out! Talk soon!

~ A


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