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Goodness. What do you write when you find notices every day that people are starting to follow your online blog? In my case you panic. I immediately could not decide of anything worth putting online for others to consume. This was not a problem when I was some little blog and my mom read because I am her child. Now, I feel like I have been placed on this huge platform for others to read and judge. I try to be positive and an optimistic, but when it comes to personal confidence… I may be lacking slightly. I have already stated before that these will not be perfect posts. I am not an editor, my sister is, however, I do not think she wants to read each and every post I write about books, TV shows, movies, Auburn football, or whatever may be in my brain that day. I will have commas where they are not needed, lack one where it actually should be placed, spell something wrong, or that Word insists is correct, but the wrong word. I cannot stand autocorrect. Let me go ahead and put that out there. I CANNOT STAND AUTOCORRECT! Yes, that warranted the screaming, bold letters, and all caps. I have typed something totally innocent only to have my phone take those simple words and make them totally wrong in every way possible.

So, what should I talk about? I have had this website for over six months, and every day I think how I should utilize the darn thing. I will now be brave and take the first step. This will be my first post and I will get it out of the way. Hi, I am A (not Ali) and will take us all on a journey. You may be reading this to find out a little about a new book I have read, you may read to get a spoiler of my recent reads, you may want to her about my new favorite show or movie, or about the podcasts I am enjoying. I could go on and on. The possibilities are endless. But rest assured, we will have fun. You be part of the fun! Reply to what you have read. Share your thoughts and experiences. That is what we come to the internet for right? Information. Be part of the conversation. Be brave! **Note** I wrote this post a week ago before I had the courage to post.



One thought on “Newest Post

  1. Okay, I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way, while I am your mom, I don’t read this because you’re my daughter, I read your blog because you’re you!
    A’s mom B
    I hate autocorrect too.

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