Nutrition Class for Sleeve Surgery!

On Wednesday, November 30, 2016, I went to a nutrition class at St. Vincent’s East that was required for my gastric sleeve surgery. I had to be there early, 6:30 am, which means that we left at 5:00 am. We also had to stop by Wal-Mart on the way because I was out of Cashew Milk. Once we got there we had to register and pay, the class was $80.00! We also got out Patient Admission Testing out of the way, along with a doctor’s visit. ¬†We left home at 5:00 and got home around 6:00 pm.

I learned a lot in class. We learned what the procedure entailed, vitamins that we would need to take, what was considered good protein and bad “protein,” meaning protein shakes that advertise as great sources of protein, but are not as good as they say. We went over what would our plate look like once we ate after the surgery. Protein eaten first, then good veggie, and finally a starch if we have room.

I am looking forward to the soft stage diet. I will post about the surgery later, but I am going to post about the diet today. The full liquid diet was not terrible, the clear liquid was not awful, but right now I want food! I want really food! I want to put something in my mouth that I can chew! This is the difficult part. I have 8 more days to go before the soft stage is over. I already have some things lined up to eat. Refried beans with cheese. Humus. I hate to keep thinking about food because I am not really hungry, but it is everywhere. I want some of it. I do not even eat something like potato chips, but I want the taste of that sour cream and onion flavor in my mouth. I do not want to do anything wrong, but I want to taste it so badly.

This was the totally right choice for me, but it comes with sacrifices. I am willing to make those sacrifices, but some times are hard than other. I have not tried my Carnation Instant Breakfast, but I have been enjoying my sugar free hot chocolate. That has been a life saver.

Well, I will write about my post about the surgery so we can discuss it soon.